Saturday, June 2, 2012

Banana Pudding

1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk (Eagle Brand recommended)
1 1/2 cups cold water (must be chilled)
1 5.1 oz package instant vanilla pudding
16 oz whipping cream
1 box vanilla wafers
3-4 bananas (depending on size)
1 lemon

In a large mixing bowl, add condensed milk, water and pudding mix.  Mix until dissolved.  Place in the refrigerator and let thicken for 5 mintues.  Meanwhile, add cream to another bowl and bean until stiff peaks form (3-5 minutes).  Stop as soon as you see peaks, do not overmix.  Gently fold cream into pudding mixture.  Slice bananas and sprinkle with lemon juice (this keeps them from turning brown).  Layer in a large glass dish (pudding, bananas, wafers) - 3 layers ending with wafers. 

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  1. Good recipe! Didn't dad say it was the best he ever had? He loves banana pudding!