Thursday, April 12, 2012

Party Favor: Butterfly Nets and Personalized Bug Boxes

So planning for Tatum's bday and my spring to do list (catch a butterfly) reminded me of the favors from Tatum's last party.  For some reason I've always had this weird fascination with bug boxes.  I think it's because my grandfather loved the outdoors and I have fond memories of spending summers catching butterflies, lightening bugs, locusts, frogs and lizards with him.  He even put lizards on leashes made of string and lightening bugs in glass jars so we could watch them light up in our bedrooms at night.  I found the boxes and nets at Target in the Dollar section and just personalized them with paint pens (I wrote butterflies instead of bugs for the girls).  I notice Target has them again this year. I hope Tatum and Kaylee (and all the other kids that attended Tatum's party) will get as much joy out of them as I did as a child.

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